We can all learn from these Instagram Stories & what they've done...


Engage, educate and entertain.

That is how we think about using Instagram Stories.

It’s important to be intentional, planned and find ways to delight our audience. The more attention and retention you get? The more influence you have. The more sales you will make.

Let’s jump into it and learn about what they’ve done!

@greenwithirena - 10 Skin Tips over 10 days

What Irena did?

  • She introduced her 10 day 10 Tips Story series (using her face) - she sells essential oils but firstly she wants to add value about how to have healthy glowing skin.

  • She adds captions on all of her stories (centred/non distracting background & highlights important words)

  • She starts each day with the same “Ready for Skin tip #1?” introduction photo with a simple poll to get people ready!

  • Each tip goes from 2-6 Stories.

  • At the end, she adds a poll “Was this helpful?” to interact with her audience and also gain insightful information about who is engaging.

  • She uses natural lighting, consistent fonts, consistent colours & brings energy to her Stories.

  • She adds little GIFs to keep it fun.

  • She makes it easy to read for the skimmer, by making certain words bigger than others.

  • She introduces her product that she’s selling (recommending) at skin tip #5 because she knows her audience is warm and attentively listening

@darwinnaturopathics - 10 ideas for Plastic Free July

What Kate did?

  • Introduces her Plastic Free July tips series by starting with ideas on how her followers can participate.

  • She talks to the camera about why it’s important, while adding captions on all of her stories.

  • She starts each tip with the same design (white background, a picture and what she’s about to talk about) to get people ready!

  • She talks either to the camera or above the subject of topic, giving reasons why she’s made the swap to no-plastic.

  • At the end, she adds a question box “Any questions about reusable straws?” to allow her followers to ask questions.

  • She also adds a meaningful poll at the end of the Story. One poll asks whether their followers have or don’t have a metal straw (because Kate can easily sell these metal straws to the people that don’t have one") and other polls ask whether their followers can make the switch with a simple “yes” or “no” answer.

  • She uses natural lighting, consistent fonts & consistent green colours.

  • Kate’s content is congruent with who she is as a person (eco conscious), so this Instagram Story works extremely well for her!

@greenwithirena - Finding out what her followers are struggling with to understand what content she can provide.

What Irena did?

  • Irena wanted to poll her audience and find out exactly what her audience is struggling the most with.

  • When Irena knows what her audience is struggling with, she can create content directly targeting these health issues (while using her oils to be a solution to these problems too).

  • Irena firstly introduced her Story with a picture of her talking to the camera with natural lighting and captions written out on her Story.

  • She quizzed her audience with 3 simple Instagram Stories asking which camp her followers were struggling the most with.

  • Her poll engagement went up by 400% because the polls were easy to participate in, clear and easy to read and didn’t require much thinking.

  • She can collect this data and see what her audience is struggling with the most, and also who is the most engaged in her content.

  • She also included a screenshot of someone interacting with her polls to show that she has a community around her that is interested in her content. Like attracts like!

@alexbeadon - A fun pop quiz to get to know/like/trust

What ALEX did?

  • Alex created a fun pop quiz to get to know her sister & brother-in-law better.

  • You might ask - what’s the point of spending the time in creating an Instagram Stories like this? Well, it gives her followers ideas on how to use Instagram Stories while also showing a personal part of her life.

  • Alex uses a dark pink border around all of her photos to have a distinct brand.

  • She uses a combinations of fonts to grab her follower’s attentions.

  • She adds emojis to her Stories to emphasise the subject that she’s talking about.

  • The pop quiz answers are totally random, so the user is taking a guess in the dark whether they are wrong or right, which adds an element of surprise.

  • Alex pairs Boomerangs & the quiz feature together consistently throughout.

  • In between the quiz, she adds other elements of her day and what she’s up to.

  • She spreads out the quiz throughout the day to keep suspense with her audience.


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