How to use Instagram Stories in a Fun Way for Food Businesses.


If you want your food business to stand out of the crowd, then an Instagram Stories foodie game is what you need to do.

For food businesses, it can often be tricky to use Instagram stories to engage, entertain and educate because it feel salesy, when all you’re working with is pictures of food.

So, why not make a fun template where your followers can choose their favourite food?

See below the example we created for the @darwinwaterfront’s Instagram page. We post the same template every single week, changing out the food & restaurants each time.

By using polls in every second Instagram Story, the user gets to choose their preferred food type and also see whether they are on the majority or minority of the vote.

After 4-7 Instagram Stories, the Instagram Story finishes with a call to action i.e. a conclusion. In this example, question box says “What will you eat this weekend?” to give the user a chance to choose what they want to eat.

This also encourages the user to recall what food they’ve just seen and to keep the Darwin Waterfront on top of mind, when deciding what to eat.

The apps used to create these Instagram Stories is @unfold and Instagram Stories.

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Breanna Kerle