5 ways to convert your followers into customers

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Whether you're making no sales from Instagram, or Instagram is your #1 marketing tool, you better hope that you're using Instagram to find the endless opportunities that exist in serving your future customers - i.e your followers.

So without due, here’s my 5 tips for converting your followers into customers!

1st tip - Show up on Instagram Stories with your beautiful face to engage, educate & entertain consistently.

No excuses.

If you want to humanise your brand & build trust with your followers (you know, the ones that haven't met you yet)... then this is a sure way to build that trust.

"If people like you, they will listen to you. If they trust you, they will buy business from you".

2nd tip - Make the sales in the Direct Message.

If you're having a conversation in the DM, I suggest listening to what your potential client wants. Ask them questions. Find out what their pain points are. Then at the right time, ask them if they want the link to book your services.

3rd tip - Share your client's results from using YOU!

If you're a mother-effing beast at Facebook Ads, share it! It's most likely your followers are going to message you and say "Hey, can you do my Facebook Ads too?" Constantly talk about the results, results, results if you want more of it.

4th tip - Use the Poll feature in your Instagram Story.

The Poll feature is an amazing way to get your potential client's interest in your product/service. Simply talk about your service or product and at the end, add a simple poll like "Love it!" and "I need this!". Direct message any of your followers that have clicked "I need this!" and start a fun conversation with them!

5th tip - Get feedback from your followers about what they would love to buy from you!

There's no better to way to make sales from your followers, by giving them what they're looking for. You can use Polls in your Instagram Stories to find out what they want, or even jump on a call and just listen to their pain points.

This is exactly how my new service called the "one month done-for-you plan" was created. I listened to my clients. They felt they were too busy to strategically think of what they should post, but they still wanted to learn how to manage their own socials!

So there we go!

5 ways to convert your followers into customers!

Breanna Kerle