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About Bree Designs



After graduated high school, I asked myself “what the heck do I want to do?” My dad told me to get an IT degree, but secretly I loved design. So the solution? Go for a double degree in IT and New Media Design. I worked at a local IT and web design company for 2 years, building my skillsets & experiences up. It wasn’t until I finished university, when I realised that if I wanted to spread my wings and gain the most growth.. I needed to step out on my own. That’s when Bree Designs was born. For 2 years, I subcontracted under many other local businesses to gain experience and mentorship by more experienced business owners (i.e. Brainium Labs for 2 years, Savvy Social for 3 months). Businesses would ask me to manage their social media and because I was growing my own account… my love for social media grew.

You can never be too uneducated, too busy or too young to chase your dreams.
— collective hub


As my experience & skillset has grown, I have now transformed into a digital coaching role where I help other businesses take control of their own social media. I also offer social media management services for selected business and create Custom Social Media Strategies for the solo entrepreneur. The reason why I put my 100% effort into social media, is because I simply want to grow these three skillsets: video production, public speaking & marketing. Those three skillsets? They can be used to have a greater impact & influence on the world, and I can’t wait. This is only the beginning!