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1 month done-for-you plan


Do you want to manage your own Social Media account but you’re not sure what to post to get the most engagement?

Are you lacking creativity?

Are you wondering how to create quality over quantity?

Lucky for you, I am now offering a one month done-for-you service that will give you 28 new posts & 8 new Instagram Stories for your business.

👉 That’s one post a day or..

👉 One post every two days for 2 months or..

👉 One post every three days for 3 months

The best part? You can literally use this simple system for the next 12 months.


How does this work?

I scour your Instagram & Facebook and get to know about your services, your personality and what’s working currently.

I then create a month’s worth of content with well-thought-out creative ideas that are going to take your Instagram & Facebook to a new level.

Hello community engagement 👋

We then sit down together for 1-2 hours (or Zoom call) and work through how to schedule, when to post & how to use the system in the most effective way.

Over the next month, I will watch your content like a hawk and suggest any tweaks needed.

What’s included?

👉 28 Written out Posts

👉 8 Instagram Story templates for the month

👉 Any Canva templates that I create for your graphics

👉 How to create invisible spaces between your paragraphs

👉 5 Hashtag sets to rotate around

👉 A Preview of what your feed will look like

👉 Scheduling app recommendations

👉 Highlight covers for your new Instagram Stories

What’s not included?

The photography & videography - this will need to be done by you (I will guide you on what type of content we need)

Uploading the content (you will learn how to do this)

Community engagement - you will still need to socialise on the platforms to connect & build relationships with others

What type of posts do you include?

Included in your posts will be:

  • competitions

  • an influencer growth post

  • community building

  • education

  • selling

  • humour/memes

  • carousels

  • IGTV videos

Who is this for?

Businesses that have been established for over 12 months but don’t have a STRONG Social Media presence.

Businesses that don’t have the budget to hire a Social Media manager and want to learn how to do their own social media.

You understand social media is IMPORTANT but you don’t have the time to spend 10+ hours per week crafting the most beautiful feed and the most engaging captions.

If you are COMPLETELY brand new to social media, then I recommend we sit down for a 1:1 ASBAS digital coaching session. If you want to want strategy & direction then I recommend the Custom Social Media Strategy plan.

Are we the right fit?

The clients I prefer to work with are ones that take MASSIVE action straight away. A client that takes risks, experiments and uses common sense.

A client that takes initiative and loves learning. A client that understands prioritising their time to make social media work for them.

A client that understands the importance of investing time & money in high quality tools, imagery but mostly themselves.

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Client’s we’ve helped.



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Tender writing



Skin care brand


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Life Coach



Only 1 spot available a week

$750 Investment